Shattuck LLC was founded in 1987 in Austin, Texas. Having apprenticed for J.C. Harper, a widely-regarded auctioneering firm, Greg Shattuck strived to create a company driven by similar principles. With trust and partnership as its guiding values, Shattuck focused on filling a genuine gap in the auction marketplace – medical equipment sales.

After some initial success selling individual pieces of medical equipment, Shattuck began conducting scores of hospital liquidations and surplus medical equipment auctions in Texas. As a result, Shattuck became well known in the industry for its expertise in remarketing this class of equipment.

Committed to innovation, Shattuck became one of the first auction companies to go online, conducting its first online auction in 2000. As the popularity and success of online auctions grew, Shattuck decided to build a proprietary online auction platform, Slapsale.com. Owned and maintained by Shattuck, the site is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of Shattuck clients.

After more than 30 years in business, Shattuck now sells millions of dollars of equipment annually. Although Shattuck specializes in healthcare, laboratory, dental equipment, and heavy machinery, it also sells equipment for a wide-range of commercial businesses including manufacturing, telecommunications, dietary and food service, and fitness centers.

Shattuck’s success and longevity are directly linked to its unwavering commitment to customer service. With a customer contract renewal rate of more than 99 percent, Shattuck has proven to be a partner its customers can trust.


About Greg Shattuck


Greg Shattuck, founder of Shattuck LLC, has 40 years of experience in the auction industry. A licensed auctioneer and appraiser, Greg Shattuck has extensive expertise in equipment sales and professional background in healthcare and manufacturing. As Shattuck’s lead auctioneer, he has overseen thousands of successful sales transactions and has developed a broad, loyal customer base. Greg Shattuck is a steward of the auction industry with strong affiliations to the National Auctioneers Association, the Texas Auctioneers Association, the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers and other professional organizations. A long-time Austin resident, Greg Shattuck maintains a personal and professional commitment to empowering others in the local community.

Texas Auctioneer’s Association #6128
TDSHS Salvage Broker #1000009


Key Moments


Greg Shattuck apprentices for J.C. Harper Auctioneers.


Discovering a market need for used medical equipment sales, the Shattuck auctioneering company is launched.


Rash of rural hospital closures drive Shattuck’s business, leading to a landmark sale with Harris County Hospital District.


Shattuck conducts first online auction, among the first in the web auctioneering industry.


In partnership with an Austin, Texas technology firm, Shattuck develops its proprietary online auction platform, Slapsale.com.


Shattuck begins conducting 100 percent of its auctions online via Slapsale.com.


Shattuck moves into its own warehouse and office space in Austin.


Shattuck celebrates 30 years in business. It also acquires additional warehouses and office space in Houston.


Shattuck has field representatives serving Austin, San Antonio, Houston and the Dallas metroplexes. Shattuck also has a full staff dedicated to operations, accounting, marketing, administration and business development.

Shattuck understands there are no guarantees in any business and that hard work is required to achieve results.