High-Stakes Case Demands High-Value Returns

The Challenge

When the DOJ ordered a seized personal property auction involving high-end items located in an airport hangar in Denton, Texas, the DOJ attorney knew the auction required special handling. The case involved valuable property including two airplanes, an airplane hangar, low-mileage and specialty vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, Rolex watches, a cigar collection, saddles, electronics, high-end furniture, and various other assets of significant worth. Shattuck was the recommended auctioneer given the company’s proven ability to conduct a quick, effective sale of assets. Shattuck also had earned a reputation throughout the industry for handling high-profile, high-stakes cases with the highest level of confidence and care.

The Insight

Recognizing the significance of the case, Shattuck immediately initiated a plan of action. The Shattuck team took inventory of the assets, appraising the property, and assessing the markets for viable resale. The next step was to activate the auction process.

More than 350 lots of items were designated, each with quality pictures and accurate descriptions. Shattuck used targeted, accelerated advertisements in multiple relevant trade publications, local newspapers and online marketplaces. Custom newsletters were also created to reach Shattuck’s database of 25K-plus registered users and a DOJ-specific audience. In addition, a promotional mail piece was distributed to a list of more than 3,000 airports, aircraft dealers, and brokers. Once the groundwork was laid, the auction opened.

I’ve seen firsthand how Shattuck handles every aspect of a sale – from start to finish. They get results quickly, all while being the ultimate advocate for their sellers.
— Trustee, Texas Bankruptcy Court

The Results

The auction was a huge success. The 350-plus auction lots were sold to more than 100 winning bidders throughout Texas and five other states. Proceeds of the main auction totaled $367K while the airplane hangar brought in another $250K by a separate, private sale. As a result, the DOJ recovered approximately $617K in property value.

The DOJ was gratified with the proceeds of the sale and the quick turnaround time. And Shattuck was able to showcase its transparent, effective business practices – earning the trust of another esteemed client for years to come.

at a glance

By order of the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) high-value personal property seized at a Texas airport was to be auctioned. Assets included two airplanes, an airplane hangar, low-mileage and specialty vehicles, and hundreds more high-worth items.

Shattuck LLC was the auctioneer recommended to the attorneys handling the case. A full-service auction company, Shattuck was able to facilitate the entire sale from beginning to end. More than 350 auction lots were sold, recovering more than $600K for the DOJ.


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