What is Shattuck’s role in the sale of items?

Shattuck is a full-service auction company, handling every aspect of a sale from the time of a seller’s first call. As a licensed, bonded and insured company, Shattuck plays a comprehensive role in protecting and advocating for its sellers. Shattuck relieves sellers of all personal involvement or potential conflict of interest in sales transactions. By working on the seller’s behalf and assuming all responsibility for transactions, Shattuck guards sellers from allegations of impropriety or unlawful sales practices.


Where does Shattuck list auction items?

Shattuck’s proprietary auction site, SlapSale.com, is a custom-built software application to provide buyers the most efficient user experience in the business. Shattuck continually optimizes its platform to best serve its clients and to continue building its base of motivated bidders.


How does Shattuck facilitate smooth transactions and keep buyers satisfied?

Committed to transparent business practices, Shattuck presents each auction with precision and accuracy. Every auction lot is displayed clearly on the listings pages with photos, title, description, location, important dates, terms and conditions, current bid and time remaining. In doing so, bidders are confident and satisfied in their purchases, even if they never see the items in person.


Legally speaking, how does Shattuck help protect its sellers?

Shattuck conducts all of its auctions in full compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations. Knowing these laws and how to accurately apply them to sales transactions, Shattuck helps protect its sellers from legal risk or consequence.


How does Shattuck determine which of my items are eligible for sale?
What happens with the items that nobody wants?

Unlike other auction companies, Shattuck will accept a client’s entire inventory for sale. Shattuck will not “cherry pick” items to sell, leaving clients to deal with or dispose of undesirable inventory. Shattuck is a one-stop-shop and will take care of every last item to save its clients time and hassle.


Why should I choose Shattuck over other companies who can sell my items?

As a full-service, hands-on auction company, Shattuck manages every part of the auction process from preparation and marketing to accounting and sales finalization.


What if an auction just isn't an option for me?

Shattuck is more than an auction company. Shattuck helps clients recover market value in the sale of their assets and inventory by auction and other time-tested sales techniques. Experts at navigating the secondary equipment markets, Shattuck conducts successful sales at all levels of trade. Shattuck can tailor its services to recover the value of equipment and meet sellers’ financial requirements, through private negotiated sales or other methods.