The team at Shattuck maximized exposure for our sale with a targeted marketing plan. Their strategic efforts brought in top dollar for our assets.
— Trustee, U.S. Bankruptcy Court

Shattuck was a true partner in every step of the process – even beyond the auction’s close. They made every aspect so easy!
— Property Manager

I’ve seen firsthand how Shattuck handles every aspect of a sale – from start to finish. They get results quickly, all while being the ultimate advocate for their sellers.
— Trustee, U.S. Bankruptcy Court

By thoroughly investigating and verifying item authenticity, Shattuck was able to assess the value of our collection and promote it in the most effective manner possible.
— Secured Lender

The Shattuck team was quick to align and mobilize, preparing the assets for onsite preview and online auction.
— Materials Management Director

With Shattuck on board, our hospital was able to maximize the value of these assets while mitigating the costs of demolishing the facility – all within the required timeline.
— Division Administrator

Shattuck devoted significant time and resources to our auction – and it paid off. The auction garnered the attention of buyers near and far, securing purchases from 124 bidders in 10 states across the U.S.
— Trial Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice

Shattuck is an expert at turning chaos into order – and they work hard to ensure their auctions work run as smoothly, efficiently and profitably as possible.
— University Surplus Manager